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This guy is a songwriter's songwriter.  Other songwriters and musicians can appreciate his skill and coolness, while non musicians are just blown away.  You don't often see artists like this until they're stars.  But Nick Mattera is an exception, in more ways than one.  He's ready for the big time.  In fact he plays and performs like he's already been there, done that.                                                                        -Tim Emmert” - Tim Emmert

— Music Connection

“Orano” is a personal favorite—soulful and rhythmic, its sound and lyrics perfectly capture the wide-eyed innocence of youth, of summers that never seemed to end. Nick Mattera/BIG BAD ZERO: IMAGINATION AMERICA (Self-Released)” - Laura Hamlett

— Playback STL

Intimate it was. Quiet it was not. Even on the quieter songs. It was an acoustic rock 'n' roll show, minus the bombast of a big festival spectacle. Mattera played six songs from his self produced cd "Oxytocin," two from his 2009 Big Bad Zero album "Imagination America,"  and four covers from various artists, including a spirited version of Pearl Jams' "I Am Mine" and an amazing rendition of Pete Townsend's "Let My Love Open The Door". Although Mattera comes from Vegas, there is nothing "flashy" or "glitzy" about him.  Very focused and down to earth with some true talent.  I could see him opening for David Gray, Ryan Adams or Amos Lee.  Better yet, I could see them opening for him......A must see next time I'm in Las Vegas.” - A Sculley

— Orlando Weekly